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Single Pack Scented Melts



Our round "tart" shaped maximum scented wax melts are wonderfully strong and long-lasting and are available in individual single packs. All fragrances we carry for our scented wax cubes are available for our single round melts.

Each single pack contains 1 round, scalloped "tart" shaped scented wax melt, weighing approximately 1 fluid ounce each, with a 2.25 inch diameter top and a .75 inch height.

Be sure to choose the quantity per fragrance you desire before adding to your cart. Price is per 1 single pack.

Quick descriptions of fragrances are below. (please see individual fragrance cube pages for more information on the scent)

- Apple Orchard – A very authentic smelling apple! Strong apple scent with just a hint of spices and cedarwood
- Banana Pudding - Delicious smelling bananas, pudding and vanilla wafer cookies just like Grandma used to make!
- Black Cherry - An authentic and pleasantly strong black cherry
- Black Raspberry Vanilla - Heavy ripe black raspberries with soft vanilla - nice and strong, long lasting
- Blueberry Pancakes - Authentic yummy smell of hot off the buttered griddle Blueberry Pancakes
- Bouncy Berry – a sweet combination of berries, including strawberry and blackberry, as well as hints of juicy pear and apricot
- Cabin in the Woods - an outdoorsy combination of cedarwood, sweet balsam, pine, and eucalyptus
- Caramel Popcorn - An excellent strong and long lasting Caramel Popcorn scent that stays true to the real sweet and salty treat!
- Caramel - Deliciously authentic smelling melted caramel syrup
- Cherry Almond - Perfectly combined scent of sweet cherries and almonds
- Coffee House – smells like premium coffee beans and delicious coffee varieties brewing with no bitter scent at all. Very authentic coffee scent!
- Country Spice Shop – Excellent, long lasting smell of cinnamon sticks and ginger, along with dried apples and other country spices
- Cucumber Melon – Honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, and fresh cucumbers make up the refreshing, clean fragrance of our Cucumber Melon scented melts
- Fairy Tale House - Yummy cinnamon sticks, graham cracker and creamy vanilla frosting for a sweet holiday scent
- Fireside Christmas – Holiday pine scent featuring orange and spices, woodsy smoke and pine tree
- Forget Me Not - The genuine aroma of a beautiful garden full of fragrant Forget Me Nots
- Fresh and Clean - A very clean, feminine scent featuring jasmine and citrus scents, along with anise and very slight lavandin and musk.
- Frooty Umbrella Drink – Great tropical scent that smells like a melon colada featuring coconut, rum, melons and citrus
- Gone Camping - A unique fragrance of the outdoors possessing a rich aroma of burning wood, dried leaves, sandalwood and amber, along with a hint of the sweetness of roasted marshmallows
- Holiday Hugs – A pleasant, long lasting holiday aroma of blue spruce, frosted cranberries and orange
- Honeysuckle Jasmine - The aroma of honeysuckle surrounded by delicate jasmine for the perfect floral scented treasure.
- Island Bay Rum - The salty sea air combined with exotic spices and Bay Rum [aftershave] for an intriguing, manly fragrance
- Lavender Chamomile - Soothing herbal scent combining lavender and chamomile
- Lemon Verbena - Our Lemon Verbena scented wax melts packs a citrus punch and keeps on going for a fresh, clean lemon fragrance
- Lil Red's Basket – Wonderfully unique homey cinnamon scent! A hearty vanilla envelopes cinnamon, clove, allspice, and sugar with hints of nutmeg and sweet fruits.
- Lime Coconut – The refreshing, clean, tropical scent of lime and coconut
- Magnolia Citrus - Soft floral fragrances of magnolia and ylang ylang combined with juicy sweet mandarin and grapefruit. Very feminine and clean scent
- Peppermint Canes - The perfect, crisp, minty candy canes you've loved since childhood
- Pumpkin Cheesecake – Yummy pumpkin scent loaded with maple, cream cheese, whipping cream, sugar, rum, vanilla... and of course, plenty of perfect pumpkin
- Pumpkin Creme Brulee – A delicious hearty pumpkin fragrance combined with cinnamon, cream, maple, vanilla and caramelized sugar.
- Rosemary - Nothing but the the pungent woodsy, mildly camphorous aroma of Rosemary
- Saddle Shop - an earthy, manly aroma of saddle leather, tonka beans, tumbleweeds, suede, musk and a bit of patchouli
- Santa's Woodlands - Great outdoorsy holiday scent featuring a blend of pine, Blue Spruce and Douglas fir, along with cinnamon and spices.
- Sliced Peaches – A great authentic scent of freshly sliced peaches
- Smoked Bacon - These Smoked Bacon melts smell just as if you pulled out the iron pan and fried up a big, yummy, crisp batch of bacon yourself.
- So Happy Together - A captivating, feminine fragrance featuring a sweet smelling garden full of jasmine, violets and hyacinth, along with hints of nectarous fruits
- Spicy Cranberry – Very strong, crisp cranberry scent with a hint of spice
- Sweet Golden Rose – Beautiful floral fragrance that smells like you're walking through a greenhouse filled with freshly cut bouquets of yellow roses
- Strawberry - Just the luscious smell of a big bowl full of juicy, freshly picked strawberries
- Strawberry Mousse - A sweet, whipped berry dessert scent bursting with fresh strawberries blended with a little heavy cream and sugar.

- Sugar Corn Pudding - A delicious fragrance of fresh corn, butter, sugar and milk that smells similar to a combination of cornbread and cake!
- Sugared Spruce - Wonderfully smelling holiday scented wax melts that features Blue Spruce, cedar, and balsam woods along with a bit of vanilla, butter, sugar crystals and hints of berry.

- Vanilla Cream – an irresistible, very intense creamy Vanilla aroma

Product Reviews

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  1. holiday ones are good and strong

    Posted by Yvette K. on 10th Nov 2014

    mostly tried the holiday ones, all of which had a good strong fragrance and lasted between the average time, to far longer than others. I preferred the fireside christmas over santas woodlands for the stronger pine tree scent. holiday hugs is very unique and surely does smell christmassy. I tried all the pumpkin ones as cube packs and they all smelled excellent.
    I also tried magnolia citrus and fresh and clean. the former is good for a smaller room since it's scent is more subtle, but the latter I thought was far too strong for me. definitely smells clean but maybe in a bigger room it wouldn't hit your nose so hard. all in all I'm really happy with the performance of the melts especially the pumpkin fragrances

  2. oh yes!

    Posted by Tammy on 24th Mar 2014

    I picked up caramel popcorn, caramel, Fairy tale house, little reds basket, vanilla cream and pumpkin cheesecake.
    I am very happy with ALL OF THEM. Caramel popcorn and regular caramel smells so real, pumpkin cheesecake is to die for if you love pumpkin, little reds basket and fairy tale house are yummy smelling cinnamon and baked yums each in their own way and vanilla cream smells like a buttercream frosting. They all lasted a very long time but caramel popcorn and pumpkin cheesecake lasted the longest. I will be a regular!

  3. Strong

    Posted by Annette on 19th Mar 2014

    My orders always include Holiday Hugs and Fireside Christmas. Year round holiday cheer for me and they are nice and strong and cover up the odors of a multiple pet home. Tried Gone Camping with my last order and that one will be added to my regular orders as well. Excellent outdoor scent and I can smell the marshmallow along with it.

  4. Floral melts

    Posted by Samantha V. on 18th Mar 2014

    I bought just about all of the floral ones. Forget Me Not, Sweet Golden Rose, So Happy Together and Lavender Chamomile are all PERFECT. Forget Me Not is beyond perfect, smells the best and is unbelievably realistic.

    I'm sorry to say Honeysuckle Jasmine is not perfect. It reminded me of old lady perfume. Your mileage may vary of course. Maybe it's just me and maybe it reminds me of a teacher I disliked, but I just didn't like that one. I'm still giving 5 stars because the others were just too good and without a doubt would purchase those again.

  5. Single packs!

    Posted by Carolyn in Nebraska on 1st Mar 2014

    I love that you added single packs! I tried pretty much all the flower and cinnamon ones when they were 3packs but I always come back for lil reds basket, golden rose and so happy together the most. My favorites.

    My only complaint is I would really like to see some more floral ones please. :-)



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